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Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier's Web Page

Dachshund / Terrier (medium coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Young  : :  Medium

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Learn more about the Dachshund.

About Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $275
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brindle
  • Color: Brindle / Brindle
  • Current Size: 29 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 30 Pounds
  • Current Age: 5 Years 10 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes

Foster Update 2/5 - Baby is a wonderful 27 pound dog who loves her people. She would be a great companion for an active person or family. She loves to play ball. She has a  very puppy like personality. Always happy and loves to give kisses. But since she is 2 years old, she has none of the trials of puppyhood. She has not had one accident in the house. She doesn’t chew things around the house. We do crate her when we are gone, so I can’t guarantee that she would not chew anything then if left out of the crate. We also crate her at night. She does fine with her crate. She has a cute little doggy bed that she sleeps in while in the crate, so that is her haven. We do occasionally let her sleep with the kids. She loves to snuggle and cuddle and will lie still all night.

She really just wants to be with you. She will not dash off if you walk outside with her. She walks next to you and looks up at you and waits for your every move. She loves to go on car rides and take the kids to school. She knows when it is time to leave even if the kids don’t. She will stay by the door and look at you and then look at the door as if to say, “Come on now or we are going to be late!”

She has been to softball practice with the kids and loves to run after the balls on the outside of the fence while the kids are running after them on the inside of the fence. She stands by the door to let you know she has to go potty. She is not a big barker unless someone comes to the door. Then she has a bark that sounds like it belongs on a 50 pound or more dog.  It definitely will give the person on the other side something to think about.

She does not really need another dog for companionship, just you. She gets along well with other dogs and likes to play with them. But once she gets established in a household, she likes to be the top dog. So I would not put her with another dog unless you have a laid back dog that does not mind playing second fiddle. She romps and plays with my laid back male dog and even lets him have her tennis ball occasionally, but she does not get along with my dominant female at all, so I would not mix the 2.

If you need someone for company, like to get out and do things, and would like a canine companion at your side, Baby is definitely the dog for you!!
Foster Update 12/28 - Baby has made great progress. She has learned manners, such as sitting and waiting for her food. When walking on a leash, she wears a harness and is learning to heel. Baby's beautiful coat barely sheds. She also has not had a single accident in the house. She sleeps well on the bed as well as in the crate. Baby posses puppy-like qualities without the mess.

Foster update:  12/19/10 - Baby is as very active dog. She is small; but don't let her size fool you. She loves to play fetch and could keep playing for hours on end. She will do anything for a tennis ball or treat. She is learning to "Sit" and "Drop it." Baby is also great with people. An active family would be best for this small, energetic dog.

Foster update:  Baby is a 1 year 10 month old Dachshund Terrier.  She is approximately 30 lbs and is a bundle of joy.  She loves to play fetch, run and swim outdoors, and give lots and lots of kisses.  Baby is house trained, knows how to sit, and listens well when called.  

According to, the Dachshund (pronounced dak sund) originated in Germany many hundreds of years ago. "Dachs" is the word for badger. The Dachshund was bred to hunt and follow these animals to earth, gradually becoming highly evolved, with shortened legs to dig the prey out and go down inside the burrows. Smaller Dachshunds where bred to hunt hare and stoat. Dachshunds have many "terrier" characteristics. They are versatile and courageous dogs and have been known to take on foxes and otters, besides badgers. Lively and affectionate; proud and bold, almost rash. Tenacious. Can be willful and clownish. Curious and mischievous, they are very clever and may attempt to train the owner rather than allow the opposite. Devoted to his family, some fanciers feel the long-haired variety is calmer than the other two types. The wire-haired variety is more outgoing and clown-like. All are slightly difficult to train. Dachshunds are good dogs to travel with. They are best with older, considerate children and are moderately protective. These little dogs like to bark (their barks are surprisingly loud for their size) and are compulsive diggers. They are generally okay with other pets, however, they can be jealous, irritable, obstinate and very quick to bite. Sometimes they will refuse to be handled. They should not be over fed, for this breed tends to gain weight quickly. They have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

More about Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier

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Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier
Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier
Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier
Baby the Little Dachshund/Terrier