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Cat Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a cat!  If you are applying for a kitten, please reconsider adopting an older cat. The kitten stage is temporary and ones who really need homes are our adult cats.   We all love kittens  but they become teenagers and adults very quickly.  The seniors are terrific too and are just waiting to be adopted.  If you truly want to rescue a pet, rescue an older pet.  They are the last ones anyone wants and the numbers waiting to come into a rescue program like ours are very high.

Let us say that we are happy that you are interested  in rescuing an animal.  Please understand that our primary focus is to rescue animals in distress and assure that they are never put in that position again; therefore we do not have a first come, first serve mentality.  Instead, we make every effort to ensure that we match the right family with the right pet.  We will be honest with you about your pet of interest and, in return, ask that you be totally honest with us about your situation.

Before you contact us about any animal, please complete the Adoption Application so that we can have some preliminary information.  There is space at the end for any questions.  After we  receive your form, we will contact you to answer your questions, discuss your compatibility and hopefully set up a meeting with your future pet!   

Not all of our pets attend all the events, so if you are interested in a particular pet, we recommend that you complete the online adoption form so that we can arrange a meeting.   

All Pet Rescue By Judy animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, micro chipped and up-to-date on the vaccines applicable to their date of intake with PRBJ and respective to their weight and/or age at the time of adoption.

Pet Rescue By Judy is a non-profit, no-kill organization. The PRBJ adoption-donation fee collected is used to cover total cost of medical care, food, deworming, etc. of all pets at PRBJ.  As we have a variety of animals in our care with a wide range of medical needs, all donations collected are utilized towards all expenses within the rescue.

The goal of PRBJ is not just to place every animal into a home, but it is to place each animal into the RIGHT home, seeking that forever home, to avoid future transition and negative impact on the life of each of these deserving animals.


If you are renting, please be aware of our policy that pet fees and / or security deposits need to be paid before you will be able to finalize the adoption.  We will also need to provide proof that the pet fee / security deposit has been paid.  We have had many pets returned because the renter did not pay their pet fee.

Our adoption hours are by appointment Tuesday through Sunday at our Sanford Adoption Center. Check out our Events Calendar to verify additional times and locations.

We limit our adoptions to the Central Florida area. This is due in part to our return policy.  If at any time in the pet's life you are unable to keep it, you are required to return it to us. 

Adoption donations are accepted in the form of cash, money orders, VISA and MasterCard.

It is our mission that each adoption be successful.  This is only accomplished through truthful responses in your adoption application.  We will ask you detailed information about your home, your family, employer and related veterinary information. Please make sure you have gathered the following information before starting this application:

> Employer name and phone number
> Information about any current pets you may have
> Name and phone number of current Vet
> Name and age of all members living in your household
> Name and phone number of landlord or if applicable
> Name and phone number of at least one non-family reference

Fraudulent applications will not be reviewed and your information will be added to the national Do Not Adopt List.

Thank you for opening your home to a rescue!

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