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The Rainbow Bridge

...Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you...
I loved you so -
'twas heaven here with you.
                                              -Isla Paschal Richardson

Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge, a place to remember our beloved pets.  Each one of our pets leaves that empty spot that fills slowly with memories.   If you would like to post a rememberance, please send your text and/or photo to admin@petrescuebyjudy.com.   To make a donation in your pet's name, please use our paypal account or mail it directly to us at our Sanford address .  And please accept our deepest sympathies.....
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Mandy, the blue merle dachshund, passed over the rainbow bridge today (July 2). Our lives were more for having known her, but less without her. Our sorrow cannot be measured.

Please tell Judy that Lacey (Tina when she had her in 2007) passed away on March 15th. She was my special girl since she came in to our home in March 2007. She was a momma's girl and I will miss her dearly. Thank you Judy for adopting her out to us and we will be forever grateful for her in our life. Keep up the good work in rescue.

My name is Jen and we adopted a 6 month old lab mix named Frankie from your Sanford location in 2009. He was the absolute best dog that anyone could ever ask for. Our son at the time was 1.5 and they grew up together as brothers. We did everything together as a family: go to the beach, walk, hike, go to sports practice, take naps. The two “brothers” even slept in the same bed every night for the last 8 years. Frankie was the most patient, gentle, loving, and sweet soul and we cannot imagine what our life would have been like without him. Unfortunately on Christmas we found a lump on his throat and it turned out to be an aggressive fibrosarcoma. One month and 1 day later, he took his last breath. :( We are heartbroken, but had to reach out to you all and just say thank you. Thank you for what you do so that we could experience such profound love for (and from) our sweet Frankie. Attached are a few pictures from over the years. With gratitude, Jen

I adopted Sam the kitten in 2012, and renamed him Catfish. For six years, Catfish was the light of my life, and I loved him immensely. A few months ago, Catfish was diagnosed with a failed liver, a condition they believe he was born with. He went to specialists and we did everything we could do, but he died just over a week ago. I wanted to thank you again for rescuing that little boy and everything it meant to me.

We adopted Hershey in September 2007, after he appeared on tv with Judy. He immediately fit right in with our family, both 2 legged and 4 legged. Sadly, we had to let him go this morning, only a month after being diagnosed with liver cancer. He was a gentle soul, funny, and a little quirky. He gave us 11 great years and we are proud to have been his forever family.

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