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Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy's Web Page

Labrador Retriever / Shih Tzu (long coat)  : :  Male (neutered)  : :  Baby  : :  Medium

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Learn more about the Labrador Retriever. Learn more about the Shih Tzu.

Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy needs a caretaker or foster! Won't you consider helping him get a new start?

About Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy

  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Housetrained: No
Blake and his siblings were the product of an oops litter. Their mother was a 14lbs Shih Tzu and their father was a 85lbs black Labrador. These puppies are really interesting and we suspect that they will be larger like their father since they already outweigh their mother! They are so cute and we know we can find amazing homes for them!
  • Leash Manners - Does okay on a leash but hasn't had much exposure thus far.
  • Crate/House Training - We are working on crate training however as he is still such a young pup he still has pee pee accidents but no poopy ones so far. 
  • Socialization - He is good with children, mine are 6 and 9. He does jump up some but I think its just because he is such an energetic pup. He likes to play and is gentle with our smaller foster pups. He showed no aggression towards the other pups, our adult dog or our cat. 
  • Energy Level and Exercise - He is very high energy and playful. He likes to run around in the yard with the kids and our other animals.
  • Daily Structure and Schedule - He goes out in the morning to potty and eats his breakfast. He likes to follow me around as I do my morning feeding of our other animals. He also likes to curl up at my feet and hang out.  We put him in his crate if we are going to be gone or busy so that he is not left unsupervised as puppies tend to find mischief. He is eating a mixture of Puppy Chow dry and a little canned food mixed in. He has a healthy appetite and gets fed 2-3 times a day.
  • Confidence Level - He has been submissive with our adult dog and playful with the smaller puppies but not too rough with them. He plays a little rougher with the kids but not in an aggressive or hurtful way. He is all affection and loves attention. He has adjusted well to family life.
  • Obedience Training - He doesn't quite know his name yet.
  • Behaviors - We are working on his barking. He uses it to let you know he wants attention or wants out.
  • Personality Quirks - He is a happy and exuberant puppy. he loves giving and receiving love and affection. Just watching him horse around brings a smile. 
  • Ideal Home - I think he would do well in a home where he gets lots of attention and has someone or other pets to play with. He seems to like the company. I would not recommend an apartment for this pup. He needs a yard with room to romp and play.
*** According to www.dogbreedinfo.com, the Labrador Retriever is a loving, affectionate, lovable, patient dog. Once known as the "St John's Dogs," the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada the Labrador was trained to jump overboard into the icy waters to haul fisherman's nets to shore. Specimens were brought to England in the 1800's by English ships coming from Labrador, where the dog's fine retrieving instincts were honed and developed. One of the best family dogs and canine companions because of their gentle, loving disposition, the highly trainable Labrador also excels in drug detection, as a guide for the blind, and service dog for the disabled. The breed is also an outstanding obedience and field trial competitor. Highly intelligent, loyal, willing, and high-spirited. Lively and good-natured, they love to play, especially in water - for they love to swim. They have an excellent, reliable, temperament and are friendly, superb with children and equable with other dogs. They crave human attention and need to feel as though they are part of the family. Labs are easily trained. These dogs are watchdogs, not guard dogs, although some have been known to guard. They have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

More about Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy

Good with Dogs, Good with Cats

Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy's sister, Miranda the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy (adopted) can also be seen on our website.
Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy's brother, Kip the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy (adopted) can also be seen on our website.


Other Pictures of Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy (click to see larger version):

Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy
Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy Blake the Labrador/Shih Tzu Puppy

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