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401 South Laurel Avenue
Sanford, FL 32771
(407) 302-4497
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 Please Donate To Our Cause
We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization
Your donations are tax deductable

Of course, monetary donations are always much needed and very much appreciated!!  As are direct donations to our Veterinary partners, which helps reduce the ever present balance we maintain with them & Gift Cards to  Pet Supply stores such as Petco or PetSmart.  If you are interested in donating directly to our Shelter Renovation fund "Save the Tails"  you may find donation information and options here. In addition to monetary donations, we also have a wish list of needed items.....see below:


We have an ongoing need for:

Dog Items

Cat Items

Household Items

Office Items

Judy’s Wish List

Dog Beds

Dog and Puppy Canned Food

Dog Treats

Dog Crates metal, collapsable
all sizes

Dog Collars, prefer Martingale

Chew Toys (Nyla bones, Kongs)

Dog Leashes (Not Retractable)

Flea & Heartworm Preventive: Advantix, Capstar, Comfortis, FrontlinePlus, Heartgard, Revolution, Triflexis

Flea/Tick Shampoo

Ear Cleansers & Q-tips

Nail Clippers

Peanut Butter

Thundershirts, all sizes


Cat Beds

Cat and Kitten Canned Food; Kitten Dry Food

Clumping and Non-clumping Kitty Litter

Cat Treats

Cat Toys

Flea & Heartworm Preventive: Advantage, Capstar, Comfortis, FrontlinePlus, Heartgard, Revolution, Triflexis

Nail Trimmers

Baby Wipes

Disinfectant Wipes

White Vinegar

Liquid Lysol


Liquid Laundry Detergent

Paper Towels


Blankets (gently used is fine)

Towels (gently used is fine)

33 gallon & 13 gallon garbage bags

Zip-Lock Bags Quart & Gallon

Dawn Original Dish Detergent

Liquid hand soap

Hand Sanitizer

Latex Gloves (medium and large sizes)

Can Openers, manual and electric

Batteries AA, AAA, D


Dry Erase Markers

HP Ink 60 color and black

HP Ink  933 color and black

Reams of Copy Paper 

Post-it Notes

White Out

Postage Stamps

Items for Raffle and Silent Auction Fundraisers

Gift Cards (Gas stations, Target, Walmart, Staples, Sams Club, Costco)

Used (functioning)Laptop Computer (Apple preferred)

Used (functioning) Iphone




Donations, both big and small, are always welcome and appreciated.  In addition to our operating expenses, we also have expenses associated with the care of the pets.  All of our pets need to be spayed/neutered, microchipped, brought up to date on shots, and treated for medical needs.  Unfortunately, many times we also encounter unexpected medical expenses for many of our rescues.   Although we have very supportive veterinarians, they cannot completely waive their fees.
Please help us if you can.  You can make a one-time donation or choose to sponsor a specific pet.  Perhaps you would consider committing to covering the cost of spaying/neutering one pet a month!  When we know we can count on a force of people standing with us, what a difference we can make!   Donations can be made through our Paypal account or by mailing a check.  We are forever grateful for those who help us help them!!

Your donations are tax deductable.  All monies go directly to the care of the animals.  Consider this: many large corporations have programs matching donations to nonprofit organizations.  Ask your human resouce department.  Make donations payable to: 

Pet Rescue by Judy
 2620 Iroquois Avenue
Sanford, FL 32773

Electronic donations may also be made safely and securely via the Paypal link below.  Please include your mailing address on your Paypal donation so that we can be sure to mail you a tax receipt. 


We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization 
Your donations are tax deductable
Pet Rescue by Judy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit “NO-KILL” organization dedicated
to the rescue, rehabilitation, re-socialization and re-homing of companion animals.
407-302-4497 • 2620 Iroquois Avenue • Sanford, FL 32773-5015
• Beds
• Cat & Kitten Food — Kitten Chow, 9 Lives, Meow Mix
or Whiskas (Wet & Dry)
• Collars
• Flea & Heartworm Preventative — Advantage, Capstar,
Comfortis, Frontline Plus,
Heartguard, Revolution, Trifexis
• Greenie’s Pill Pockets
• Litter — Feline Pine or
Other Clumping Litter
• Nail Trimmers
• Scratching Posts
• Toys
• Treats
• Beds
• Collars — Martingale is our
favorite brand!
• Crates — 42” and 48” Foldable
• Dog & Puppy Food — Natural Balance, Newman’s Own, Orijen, Purina, Rachael Ray, Wellness (Wet & Dry)
• Ear Cleaner
• Flea & Heartworm Preventative — Advantix, Capstar, Comfortis, Frontline Plus, Heartguard,
Revolution, Trifexis
• Flea/Tick Shampoo
• Greenie’s Pill Pockets
• Harnesses — All Sizes
• Leashes — Not Retractable
• Nail Trimmers
• ThunderShirts — Sizes XS-XL
• Toys — Especially Nylabones and Kongs
• Treats
• Baby Wipes
• Blankets — Gently Used OK
• Bleach
• Can Openers — Manual
and Electric
• Dawn Original Dish Soap
• Disinfectant Wipes
• Flashlights
• Hand Sanitizer
• Latex Gloves
• Liquid Hand Soap
• Liquid Laundry Detergent
• Liquid Lysol
• Newspapers
• Paper Towels
• Pine-Sol
• Rust-oleum Black Gloss
Spray Paint
• Towels — Gently Used OK
• Trash Bags — 13 and 33 Gallon
• Zip-Lock Bags
• Binder Rings — ½”
• Clear Sheet Protectors
• Dry Erase Markers
• HP All-In-One Printer
• HP Ink — 60 color and black,
940 color and black
• Paper — 8.5” x 11”
• Sharpies
• Stamps
• Used Cell Phones
• Used Ink Cartridges
• White Out
• Wireless Laptops
• Gift Cards — Costco, Gas
Stations, MasterCard, Sam’s Club, Target, Visa, Walmart
• Industrial Washer and Dryer
• Items for Raffle and Silent
Auction Fundraisers
• Ladder — 10’ A-Frame
• Lawn Equipment — Edger, Lawn Mower, Leaf Blower,
Weed Wacker
• Van or SUV