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If you are not old enough (15) to become one of our regular volunteers, we do have three ways you can become involved with PRBJ and help the animals!

MEET THE PAWS Program for children ages 5 to 14:

One  Saturday or Sunday of every month we hold a program at our Oviedo Mall Adoption Center where kids will learn about our rescue. They will get to meet and pet some of our dogs and cats, and will learn these particular animals’ stories. This program lasts about ½ hour. To register (required) for one of these sessions, please send an email to

HELP THE PAWS Program One for children ages 5 to 14:

We hold Special Events throughout the Central Florida area where children can represent PRBJ and help with donations. Since we are busy taking care of animals, we do require that all children be supervised by their own parent.  We will not be able to be responsible for your child. The parent must be a registered PRBJ volunteer, who has attended an orientation session. For information on what events are available, email

HELP THE PAWS Program Two for volunteers of any age:

With your parent’s permission (if you are a minor) hold a DONATION DRIVE for PRBJ. Our wish list is listed on our website. If you would like to stop into our Oviedo Mall store on Saturday or Sunday 12:00 – 5:00, we can supply you with a PRBJ badge, and you can register your Supply Drive with us. Please send an email to to make sure your packet is ready for you.