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  Search Successes
Animal Success Stories

Second only to finding homes for our animals is the joy of hearing back from their new families.  We invite you to read along with us.  If you should decide to open up your heart and home to one of our angels, please send us a note and photo to tell us how it is going!  We will post it on this page so others can share in your happiness. 

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Kiva the Puppy

Thanks to Pet Rescue by Judy, Kiva is a very happy dog and has brought much joy to her family. To think, it would never have happened without the love and commitment of Judy and her staff and volunteers.

Theodore III the sweet natured wheaton
Theodore III the sweet natured wheaton

Theodore is having a great time and we are enjoying his company very much. What a great little dog he is. Todate T has met his 50 pound (dog) cousin and they have had 2 energetic play dates, yesterday and today. T went to the vet today and wowed the ladies there. Everyone wants to hug him. He was treated for a tape worm, received his 6 month supply of Sentinel and was pronounced to be in good health by the vet. His good behavior at the vet was rewarded by a long walk in our favorite neighborhood park.( Park has a duck pond and numerous squirrels. Great place to walk a dog) T is very good at sleeping in his crate, sleeps through the night and acts as if he has lived with us for years. He is sleeping at my feet as I type this. I will send you some photos Thanks to you, Susan, Judy and her fine organization at the shelter for putting us together Regards Kit and Ken

Knoxville the Chocolate Lab

Knoxville acclimated to his new home just fine over the last week. He has a huge back yard to chase the laser light until he's exhausted. He is looking forward to playing in the water at Ponce Inlet this weekend!!

Tiger the Sweet Lab pup

Tiger's (now Quincy first night in his new home!


Hi! He is doing great! Medicine has kicked in and he is a whole new dog. He is such a sweetie! He is doing very well with his house training. He can sit and shake so far. Once he gets his shots next a weekend I will be enrolling him in puppy classes. Thank you for checking in on him!

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