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  Search Successes
Animal Success Stories

Second only to finding homes for our animals is the joy of hearing back from their new families.  We invite you to read along with us.  If you should decide to open up your heart and home to one of our angels, please send us a note and photo to tell us how it is going!  We will post it on this page so others can share in your happiness. 

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Blackberry the Boston Tea Party Puppy

Happy Halloween!!! I was adopted in March from Pet Rescue by Judy. Thank you for taking care of me until I found my forever home. I make my family laugh every day and sometimes I stop traffic with my amazing smile. I just want to wish a Happy Halloween to all of the pooches and kitties there at Pet Rescue by Judy and my former Boston tea party puppy foster family. Thanks again, Jack the dog (formerly Blackberry)

Louie the Shy Kitten

Louie turned out to be a great cat. Please post this picture on your website. Btw, lavender is a great herb to relax any nervous cat, plus the right music, besides care and attention.

Mystic the Senior Chow
Mystic the Senior Chow

Mystic is doing well! He's such a sweet boy.

Fynn the handsome Lab

Just wanted to give you an update on Hobbes a.k.a Fynn. He's been with us a week now and is having a blast with his new buddy, our German Shepherd, Jax. Hobbes has acclimated quite well. We've only had to adjust where we place our food as we quickly found out he likes to counter surf! He and Jax like to play and hang out with each other all day and by the end of the day, he's one tired out puppy! We love him bunches! Thank you, Pet Rescue by Judy!!

Little Bear

Barb - Here is an update on Little Bear aka Hoover. Also sending some photos. Little Bear renamed Hoover was adopted May 2014 is doing great. He is full of energy, intelligence and mischief. He loves his toys (the squeakier the better), peanut butter in his Kong and playing with us. He’s a lover-he gets along great with people and other dogs. He became the right dog at the right time for us. We are so lucky to know Judy and Susan. What was a chance visit to the center became a fate changing moment that brought Hoover into our lives. Thank you Karen and Jim Regards, Karen

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