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Animal Success Stories

Second only to finding homes for our animals is the joy of hearing back from their new families.  We invite you to read along with us.  If you should decide to open up your heart and home to one of our angels, please send us a note and photo to tell us how it is going!  We will post it on this page so others can share in your happiness. 

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Barbie the "Ready to Go" American Bulldog

Hi All, A year ago this coming Thanksgiving we adopted Barbie - now Cleo, (black and white American bulldog mix in pic); she was a stray picked up off the streets. I wanted to send a brief update of how we she's doing! She's been a great blessing in our life, her high energy keeps us on our toes and her partner Lola (who's soon 10 yrs of age), young at heart. She's been on two vacations this year - Asheville, NC in April and Anna Maria Island in August. The foster did such a wonderful job training her and I am convinced this is what made her transition to our home a breeze. Thank you! Lola and Cleo

Bruiser the Ocean's Eleven Pup

Charlie loves the couch and I took a lot of pictures of him at fleets dog park. I will send you some. Hope all is well. Charlie is being spoiled and when we take him downtown which we do almost every other day we get stopped because everyone loves him.

Sookie the Black Lab

This is Brantley, playing on an island while camping. We got her 3 years ago from Judy. She loves swimming and exploring.

Orela the Boxer/Shephard

The Boxer-mix is one of yours! Orela, fostered and adopted last summer...thanks

Rubi the Smiling Puppy

This is Paisley! Originally named Ruby! Adopted at 8 weeks, She is now 4 months! We love our addition to the family :) Alexis

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