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  Search Successes
Animal Success Stories

Second only to finding homes for our animals is the joy of hearing back from their new families.  We invite you to read along with us.  If you should decide to open up your heart and home to one of our angels, please send us a note and photo to tell us how it is going!  We will post it on this page so others can share in your happiness. 

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Doyle the Super Play Boy

I wanted to give you an update on my beautiful Doyle! He is a very happy cat and gets along with my other cats. I adopted him a year ago from you. It took almost a whole year for his real personality to come out and for him to be comfortable with us but he is truly a sweetheart and we couldn’t be any happier! Here is a pic of him! Sleeping in my bathroom sink, his favorite spot! Enjoy, Jaime


Good afternoon Judy, I hope this email reaches you in the best regards. Yesterday my boyfriend, Mike, adopted one of your rescues Bronson. He is so sweet and already a part of the family! Thank you so much for your time, and all that you do! P.S. Attached are a couple pictures of Bronson from yesterday. He was exhausted after a long day at the mall! Warm wishes, Bianca

Puss in Boots the Kitten
Puss in Boots the Kitten

He is the sweetest cat I have known and we are so glad to have him as part of our family. You can see in the attached picture that he is very proud to have a collar with his name tag on it! Karen

Diamond the Gem Puppy

Good morning Diane, I wanted to let you know that diamond( now known as Roxy) has been to the vet. She gained 2 pounds, she checked out well at the vet ( thank you for the referral). Roxy is adapting well to our home and family. We love her very much and she is bringing great joy to our home. Thank you all so much for what you do to bring people and pets together. Roxy has filled a void that has been in my heart for over a year now since loosing our family pet of 10 years to cancer last summer. Thank you again for all of your help bringing is together.


Janie- We adopted Topaz. His new name is Jack. He has found a loving little brother at our house! Please tell Dianne and Judy thank you for all the help;

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