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Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend's Web Page

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Learn more about the Labrador Retriever.

Bubba Gump lives with Judy at her house, waiting for his forever family. Please read Judy's comments about him below.

About Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: 150.00
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brown/Chocolate
  • Color: Brown
  • Current Size: 42 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 45 Pounds
  • Current Age: 3 Years 3 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes

I am Bubba, a blind 3 year old  Lab/Retreiver .  I feel pain, neglect,and love. I like playing with the dogs in the house, running round in the yard, laying in the living room on a big pillow, going in my crate, going for walks, and car rides. Judy loves me a whole lot and wants you to love me too!   

A young couple found Bubba eating from a dumpster and picked him up. They tried really hard to find his owner but weren't successful. We took this sweetheart into our care and found out what a wonderful dog he truly is.  Soon after we took him in, Bubba Gump was adopted into a lovely family. Unfortunately, he did not do well in a home as the only dog. He has anxiety when he is left alone without any companionship. The ideal home for Bubba would be one with someone home most of the day.  Bubba likes kids, and he is very friendly with people. He does well with dogs at doggy day care and in play groups, but he doesn't always do well with them in the home unless they are older, calmer, and his size (or larger).  As you can tell from some of his photos, he LOVES playing with toys!

Bubba is with us at the shelter right now because Judy has puppies in her home, and Bubba does not like smaller dogs. We only had to lead him into the backyard a few times. After that, we had to get out of the way, because he would run us over! I should also mention we have stairs leading to the yard, and he has no trouble navigating those. He can usually be found close by his buddy, Yoko.

Update, 6/13/13:  Bubba Gump lives with me, yes, me personally,  Judy!
He is the best dog in the world.  Right now he is sleeping on a pillow with one of  my disabled dogs, Rosa Bella.  Bubba Gump is a very smart, house-trained dog (just don't move the furniture around too much).  He runs like the wind in the back yard.  We are working on leash training as he does pull. He loves everyone:people, adults, kids and dogs.  There is only an occasional one that he does not get along with, for example, Leo the cocker and he were not playmates.  (But no one likes everyone, really, now do they?)

 He has been to many events with me personally. He had a blast at UCF playing football with the students!  He knew something was going over his head and he wanted to catch it.  And what a day we had at Gay Days this weekend, loving all the crowd , listening to the music and running in the grassy area.  He is so well adjusted and easy going!  Gump is a keeper. 

Call the office to talk to me any time to talk about this guy, if interested. They will get you in touch with me imediately! ...Judy

Medical Update:  According to the Animal Eye Associates, Bubba has retinal deterioration, which could have been present from birth or from a lack of medical care from before he was rescued.  There is no pain or pressure on his eyes.  He needs to be with a calm dog that can be his eyes.  The doctor was impressed with his beauty and demeanor.

  • Leash Manners - Loves going out for walks and walks okay on leash.  Gets really excited at the beginning of the walk and pulls.  He is strong for his size.
  • Crate/House Training - 100% housetrained and will stand by the door and whine when he needs to go out.  No accidents.  Is free to roam the house day and night.  Doesn't chew and does not get up on furniture.  Loves squeaky toys and soup bones!
  • Socialization - Loves all people.  My 2 year old great-niece was over for Christmas and he was very gentle towards her.
  • Energy Level and Exercise - High to moderate.  He loves to play with my younger Lab.  We go on two long walks per day.  Bubba would love to be someone's running companion.
  • Daily Structure and Schedule - We walk in the morning.  Then he eats breakfast.  After dinner we take a longer walk.  He eats 1 cup of Earthborn dry food at each meal
  • Confidence Level - He is quite confident and would do best with a dog his size or larger as a tempary playmate.  He loves to play then passes out!  He is a very happy dog and always seems to have a smile on his face.
  • Obedience Training - Bubba knows "Sit" and "Come." He does not jump up on people.  He rides very well in the car and normally will just lie down and sleep.
  • Behaviors - When he gets excited he likes to bark.  We are working on that.
  • Personality Quirks - Bubba is the sweetest dog ever!  He just wants to be loved.  He loves to lay down in your lap, curl up and fall asleep.  When he sleeps he likes to be close to my dogs (picture attached)
  • Ideal Home - Bubba would do fine in a home with children of any age.  Not sure about cats. He has no separation anxiety since he has two other dogs keeping him company but sadly with his blindness has shown some random aggression towards other dogs in the home.  I fostered him for two months before and his vision has gotten worse but within the first day he had the house and backyard figured out.  His vision issues don't affect him at all.  He is such a happy dog and a joy to have around.  He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle with you or sit in your lap and fall asleep.

*** According to, the Labrador Retriever is a loving, affectionate, lovable, patient dog. Once known as the "St John's Dogs," the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada the Labrador was trained to jump overboard into the icy waters to haul fisherman's nets to shore. Specimens were brought to England in the 1800's by English ships coming from Labrador, where the dog's fine retrieving instincts were honed and developed. One of the best family dogs and canine companions because of their gentle, loving disposition, the highly trainable Labrador also excels in drug detection, as a guide for the blind, and service dog for the disabled. The breed is also an outstanding obedience and field trial competitor. Highly intelligent, loyal, willing, and high-spirited. Lively and good-natured, they love to play, especially in water - for they love to swim. They have an excellent, reliable, temperament and are friendly, superb with children and equable with other dogs. They crave human attention and need to feel as though they are part of the family. Labs are easily trained. These dogs are watchdogs, not guard dogs, although some have been known to guard. They have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. 

More about Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend

Good with Dogs, Good with Kids

Special Needs: Bubba Gump is almost completely blind. He has seen an Eye specialist and we have exhaustive records and notes on his condition and the fact that he is not in pain.

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Other Pictures of Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend (click to see larger version):

Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend
Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend Bubba Gump the Blind Lab Blend