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Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie's Web Page

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About Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie

  • Microchipped: Yes

eJohnny Ray, or JR as we call him, is a super sweet boy who was picked up as a stray and and brought to a shelter where his time was soon up. Because he is deaf, he needs a very special home with someone willing to continue working with him on sign language. He knows signs for no, sit, quiet, potty, crate, treat, bath, car, good boy, eat, water, ball, get it, wait and come. But whether or not he chooses to obey often depends on whether you have a treat in hand. He can definitley be a little stubborn.

Johnny Ray is high energy and lovable!! He is very alert and watches you intently. He likes to know where his person is at all times and can get anxious if he doesn't. If he doesn't see you leave the room and notices you're gone he will cry out and come looking for you. He does best with other dogs around and has some separation anxiety, so someone who is home a lot and/or who has other dogs would be ideal for him.

JR can be very vocal and has quite a loud howl that he will use to get your attention and try to get his way. He knows the universal sign for quiet - holding your index finger to your lips - but will ignore you if you don't follow through. He hates the squirt bottle so he is easy to discipline that way - you just have to show it to him and he will quiet down. That said, it's important to know that he has spent the night with a few other people, but only once at each place because he will howl literally all night long his first night somewhere new. I think a thundershirt would help this, but whoever adopts him needs to know that it will take longer for him to adjust to a new environment than it would take a hearing dog. JR needs structure and routine to feel comfortable.

He is definitely a total cuddle bug - he loves sleeping with you and will curl up close. He doesn't usually jump up on people and he isn't a licky dog at all. He also loves riding in the car and going to the dog park and is great with other dogs there.  He's also great at bath time and will jump right into the bathtub for you -- even when it's not bath time!

JR is not fully potty trained to the point that he will ask to go out, so you have to be on top of getting him outside regularly and praising him for eliminating outside.

His foster has a friend who not only is a professional American Sign Language interpreter but who also has a deaf dog. She has offered to give a free training session to Johnny Ray's adopter. Again, he needs a home where people are willing to continue his training. Deaf dogs can also be trained using vibrating collars. (It is NOT a shock collar. They vibrate like a cell phone, to get the dog's attention.) They can absolutely communicate with you but need the training and follow through to really thrive.  Come meet this little brown angel in person and you're sure to fall in love!

Foster Update:  Johnny Ray is a very unique looking boy, with a wrinkly forehead and compact body, lab-like ears and a cute stub tail he wags and wags when he's excited. He has a large scar on his right side that he came to us with so we don't know what caused it. 60 pounds sounds large but he's short and is actually a really nice size. He is absolutely adorable! He loves people, is great with other dogs, and is OK with cats as well, he is not aggressive toward them, but he will definitely try to play with them if he doesn't have dogs to play with or enough exercise, and he can play pretty rough. He loves laser pointers and will chase them nonstop - he never gets sick of it!

Johnny Ray is EXTREMELY active. He is just about two years old and LOVES to play. He absolutely needs a home with other dogs, not only socially but because he learns things by watching them. He needs a dog that loves to play as it's his favorite thing to do, but the dog also has to be tolerant because JR can be relentless at times.

Because he's still young, you have to watch JR when he's awake as he's very curious and will get into things. He is crate trained and should be crated when no one's home. He knows when his foster is about to leave for work and will go in the crate on his own, patiently waiting for his kong with peanut butter! He is also constantly pushing his boundaries and trying to get away with things like not waiting at the door, etc. JR would not be good for a first time dog owner and really needs someone who will follow through with obedience and sign language training.


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Special Needs: deaf

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Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie
Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie
Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie
Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie
Johnny Ray the Deaf Sweetie