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Elijah the Basset Hound's Web Page

Basset Hound (medium coat)  : :  Male (neutered)  : :  Adult  : :  Large

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Learn more about the Basset Hound.

About Elijah the Basset Hound

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $175
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brown/Chocolate
  • Color: Brindle / Brindle
  • Current Size: 60 Pounds
  • Potential Size: 60 Pounds
  • Current Age: 6 Years 4 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Owner Experience Needed: None
* So sweet!!
*Elijah is sweet and full of kisses. He was surrendered to a high-kill shelter by his owner along with Millie and both appear to be bassett/boxer mixes. Elijah has the short turned in legs like a bassett with a round and fat body. He is only about 2 years old and very affectionate. He is already neutered. His former owner says this dog is exceptional. Elijah will stand by the phone just before it rings and by the door just before someone comes. Come see this beautiful boy for yourself.

Foster Update 7/20/10: Eli is an amazing dog! At the event, he was surrounded by 10 kids that were sticking their hands in his face, feeling his eyes, rubbing his ears and he was WONDERFUL! He just sat there and licked the kids. He loved it! I was blown away that Eli was such a sweet and tender dog. I can't wait to go to the shelter to see Eli. He is so patient and eager to be loved. I also brought a puppy to event who was pulling on Eli's ears and nipping his lips. I was for sure Eli would snap to let the puppy know he was annoyed. But Eli just sat there and loved back. His would lick all over the puppy and actually let the puppy lay on top of him! How precious!! I adore Eli... he deserves the best home.
Foster Update 7/28/10: Millie and Elijah are two of my favorite dogs at the rescue. Both are so gentle and loving. You have to see it for yourself! Millie is so well behaved and gets along with any dog! At the dog park, she loves to go swimming! She craves to be loved. She will sit in your lap and stare into your eyes. She is incredible! I can't even explain how great they are. They both deserve a loving, wonderful family. I can promise these dogs will love you like no other!
According to, the name Basset Hound comes from the French word "bas" meaning low. Some sources suggest the Basset Hound may have originated from genetic dwarf dogs presented in litters of other types of French hunting hounds, however, we do know that it is a rather old breed, descended directly from the Bloodhound. Shakespeare described the Basset Hound with the following poetic image: "Ears which sweep away the morning due." According to research, the true fame of the Basset Hound began in 1863, when it was presented at the Paris Dog Show. Its popularity spread to England where a lively dispute arose between two factions of breeders: Those who wanted to keep the Basset Hound a hunting dog, and those who wanted to transform it into a companion dog. Situated between these two factions were the American breeders who proceeded to develop an extremely pleasing companion dog without sacrificing any of the qualities of the hunter. The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885. Its natural bent is for hunting both in the den and in the open. It is therefore, used for the hunting of fox, hare, opossum, and pheasant. Bassets can hunt in packs or alone. It has an excellent sense of smell, but its reflexes are a bit slow. Their slow pace is convenient for hunters on foot and keeps game from being scared out of reach. The Basset's nose is almost as outstanding as the Bloodhound's. George Washington may have owned Basset Hounds given to him by Lafayette after the American Revolution. The Basset Hound is sweet, gentle, devoted, peaceful and naturally well-behaved. They fit into family life well. Their temperament should always be friendly with never an indication of sharpness or viciousness. They are mild but not timid; very affectionate with its master and friendly with children. It is incapable of biting, but it may be a bit stubborn. They like to do tricks for food. It has a deep musical bark. Housebreaking is difficult, but they do well with gentle patient training and positive reinforcement. With proper training, they are obedient, but when they pick up an interesting smell, it's sometimes hard to get their attention. They have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

More about Elijah the Basset Hound

Good with Dogs

Elijah the Basset Hound must be adopted with his companion, Millie the Bassett (adopted).

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Elijah the Basset Hound Elijah the Basset Hound Elijah the Basset Hound